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So you’ve decided you’d like to build your next home – congratulations! 

Welcome to the wonderful world of new construction. Here are some best things about building a home.

Brand new home vs. “used” home

Having the ability to build a home and be the first ones to live in it is the ultimate luxury. Everything is clean and pristine, and details – from the biggest appliances to the molding along the baseboards – was put there specifically for you!

Exterior and interior customization

Nobody knows your house “wish list” better than you, and with a new construction, you can control all the details. This means that you get to pick out everything, from siding and trim colors to the placement of lights and outlets. If you’re someone who loves design or has preferences about what will make the perfect space, you’ll really enjoy shaping your dream home.

Energy efficiency 

Newer homes across the board are taking advantage of innovations in energy efficiency, and if you build new construction, chances are you will get a home that is specifically built to use less energy. Your builder likely already includes some of those options, like energy-efficient windows, which can prevent the 25%-30% heat gain and loss attributed to less efficient windows. There are other energy saver options as well, like dual flush toilets, smart thermostats, LED lighting, and more.

Less maintenance costs in the first few years

New homes aren’t necessarily immune to needing repairs, but the chances of having to fix a leaky roof or a broken pipe are unlikely. This translates to less stress and less money spent while everything is still new. In most cases your builder will include a range of warranties with the home. This is a big financial benefit, and a nice relief in the years following such a major purchase.

If you think new construction could be the right fit for you or are interested in learning more, reach out to myself, Meghan Hess, or Carol Saltus at (413) 579-8460, or visit our website at

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