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Around Town Information

What’s Happening in the Area?

Even though lots of fall events are different for 2020, there are still many events happening and local destinations for day trips. It is back to school time and time for some favorite fall events. These two  Facebook groups are a great place to check out what is happening in the area, There are lots…

Looking for an Outdoor Spot in Southwick?

  Now that establishments have re-opened and the weather is co-operating, there are several places in Southwick that have enjoyable outdoor eating spaces.  Here are a few of our favorites. If you are looking for your favorite drink or a bite to eat overlooking the picturesque golf course,The Patio (at The Ranch) is a great…

We are Home…Isn’t That Where We Always Said We Wanted to Be?

I have been in the Home business for over 30 years….technically. I prefer to say I am in the People business. I don’t sell people houses…I help people to find a place that makes them feel like they are Home. And Home means something a little different to everyone. Right now due to Covid-19, people…