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Around Town Information

So Much More to See and Do in October in Southwick!

Earlier this month we did a walking tour of our favorite spots near The Greens. FallFest at Westfield River Brewing Company was fabulous! To take advantage of all the great things we need to see and do,we are going to have to get in the car. The colors are fabulous and the weather is beautiful.…

Have you ever dreamed of building a home?

  Greetings! Today I’m touching on a topic that frequently comes up in conversation. When people learn I’m working on a new construction project, they often say, “I’ve always wanted to build a home.” Or, “If I had the chance to build a home, I already know exactly what I’d build!”  My follow up question,…

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Welcome to our Blog

This blog is a place to learn about the area’s newest and fastest-selling residential subdivisions as well as community events. Thanks for stopping by!  You may be wondering, what is The Greens? I’m so glad you asked! The Greens is a new residential subdivision set on the grounds of the former Southwick Country Club. Phase…