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The Westwood House Exterior with a two-door garage, six windows, a front porch, and a dark roof. The sky in the background is light blue and cloudy.

If you live in or around Southwick or just drive through occasionally, I am sure you have noticed all of the beautiful homes popping out of the ground at The Greens of Southwick. Have you thought that maybe you would like to be building your own home there? Have you drempt of having a beautiful view?  Have you wondered if you can afford to build? Meghan and I are here to answer your questions and help you sort out the possibilities.

Additionally, right now for a limited time. our developers are offering a fabulous incentive.  INCLUDED  in the price of the lot for a limited time is the INSTALLATION OF THE SEPTIC SYSTEM!   This is a huge opportunity for anyone considering building. Don’t miss out…..give us a call today at 413-579-8460!



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