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Here at The Greens of Southwick we are passionate about our community and all it has to offer.  It is important to us that people considering a move to Southwick become familiar with many of the amazing businesses located here.  If you own a business in Southwick or Westfield, please reach out to us. We would love to consider featuring you in one of our upcoming blogs.

One of the hidden treasures less than 5 minutes from The Greens of Southwick is Tres Lounge located at The Mill at Crane Pond, 77 Mill Street in Westfield.  Owner Jess Shular has been in business here for almost 5 years  What inspired her to open her business was her desire to help people gain confidence is all aspects of life…including mind, body(with hair at the top of the list), and spirit. She describes her team as operating like a family, which she feels makes their salon different and unique. This translates into a guest experience that is like no other from beginning to end. Her vision is to continue growing organically and having fun while doing so. If you have ever met Jess, you quickly learning that the expereince will be top notch and always with a touch of fun.

As well as being a hair salon, Tres Lounge has just expanded to include massage therapy, microblading, fillers and Botox. You could spend you whole day right here!

As well as being focused on their guests’ experience, Tres Lounge is involved in giving back to the community. They have been involved in Children’s Home Finder. They have also assisted young women in need with prom dresses and hair styling for prom.

If you haven’t visited them yet, stop by to see them and all of the other hidden treasures at The Mill at Crane Pond. Stay tuned as we will be featuring more of the  businesses there in the future posts!



And if you are dreaming about a new home……

If you think new construction could be the right fit for you or you are interested in learning more about the reservation process, reach out to myself  Carol Saltus or Meghan Hess at (413) 579-8460 or visit our website.



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