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I have been in the Home business for over 30 years….technically. I prefer to say I am in the People business. I don’t sell people houses…I help people to find a place that makes them feel like they are Home. And Home means something a little different to everyone. Right now due to Covid-19, people are having the opportunity to look at Home differently.  Some people are finding it uncomfortable to be home more because it was unexpected, but I choose to think that most people are seeing this as a chance to enjoy their homes and families in a way that our lifestyles did not previously allow.

When over the years families have come to me for a home, a get to have a glimpse of their dreams. They want their children to grow up in this home and play in this neighborood. They want to spend time  on their deck sipping coffee and watching the birds. The want their kids to be able to play in the yard and swim in the pool. They want a big kitchen where everyone can cook together. They want an open floor plan so that family can be together. The list goes on. Home is more than a place, it is a feeling for most of us. I am hoping that during this time people reflect on all of the reasons they wanted a home in the first place.

It is my hope that one of the great things that comes from this time is people appreciating home in a new way, or maybe in a way they have just forgotten about. Home is a place where families come together. I have been seeing lots of families playing ball in their yards and taking walks together during this past week. It is very heartening to see this. I hope that people begin to see some of the values that I grew up that have been lost because of the busy lifestyle we have all created. I grew up with family dinners, Sunday gatherings and frequent evening board games or card games. We bonded and learned about each other and ourselves during these times.

We are Home…isn’t that where we always said we wanted to be?

If you need help during these times, please reach out to us. We will do what we can to help you.

If you have been thinking about a new home and have questions, please feel free to reach out to us at (413) 579-8460 or visit our website.

Carol Saltus


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